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We operate to change the lives of families in the community.

The practice emphasizes the value of humanity, collective action, and is represented by the phrase "I am because we are, therefore I am."

In order to deliver compassionate services and aim towards our mission, EENH staff is consistently working to show up for best performance of service while learning and training under the organization’s practice of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a South African philosophy that teaches that we must see each other in each other.

We believe that every child should be raised in a loving community, every family should have the resources they need to lead their family in that community and every senior should be honored to live independently as wisdom keepers!

"Towards our mission, EENH staff..."

"Our curriculum aligns with Step Up to Quality models and other state recognized education programs. Our learning center encompasses youth services: early childhood education, before and after school programs, and summer camps.

"We intertwine East End's original settlement house principles by affirming diverse cultures while also committing to our now afro-centric tenets to raise community pride.


Help families and seniors in the Woodhill Buckeye Area

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What We Do



Community Engagement & Outcomes

Community Engagement & Outcomes The Community Engagement & Outcomes department organizes community events, activities, and collaborates with all agency programs. This team manages all outreach initiatives including but not limited to: coordinating workshops, relaying

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Ubuntu Learning Center

Ubuntu Learning Center The East End Individual Learning Center provides high expectations and respect for children and their talents through cultural awareness, independence, choice & problem solving.  Our curriculum align with Step up to

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Neighborhood Family Supportive Services

Our services addresses the diverse needs of families We help promote well-being, and strengthen family units. Neighborhood Family Support Services Approximately 250 families were serviced thru NFSS. East End is part of a county-wide

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The Team

Atunyese Herron, M.B.A.

President & CEO

Richard Haynesworth

Wisdom Keepers Senior Center Senior Program Manager

Jarrod Levert, B.F.A.

Neighborhood Family Supportive Services Supervisor

Zenja O’Neal, M.Ed.

Childcare Administrator

Rachel Groce, B.S.

Director of Community Engagement and Outcomes

Kimberly Robinson, B.S.

Director of Volunteer Services and Human Resources

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