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Our services addresses the diverse needs of families

We help promote well-being, and strengthen family units.

Neighborhood Family Support Services

Approximately 250 families were serviced thru NFSS. East End is part of a county-wide effort that partners with the county’s Division of Children and Family Services to keep children safe and support families to do the same.

The effort has become a national best practice in the child welfare sector. Unique to this effort is that we serve as advocates during TDMs/team decision making meetings that determine the future of children in custody.

Ours is the voice of ensuring that all elements of the decision, consider safety, cultural competency, equity, voice, and choice.

Families who are in the process of reuniting with their children can count on our space to visit with their children in 2021 we hosted 95 family visits.

95 Family Visits
2021 84%
95 Family Visits
2021 84%

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